Please see our most frequently asked questions and Ts & Cs below. If you still have any queries then please fill in our contact form, or email

What type of music do you play?

Our music is an eclectic mix of covers from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and today that will get people of all ages dancing at your party or wedding. There is something for everyone. Click here to view our current repertoire.

How long do you play for?

We offer two hours of live music, divided into two sets.

What happens between your sets?

We would recommend booking our DJ alongside the band line-up (see below) but otherwise we have a playlist on an iPod that complements our live set, or we can accommodate your own personal playlist from an MP3 player or laptop. We can recommend which option would best suit your event during the booking process.

Do you have different line-up options, and how much do you cost?

Our standard line-up is what you see in the videos – 1 x  female vocal, drums, bass and guitar. The sound is augmented by backing tracks and can be further enhanced by adding brass players (trumpet & sax)

We can also provide chilled acoustic music, perfect for a wedding ceremony or a drinks reception.

Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can provide you with a quick and accurate quote. Fees are dependent on date, location and timings on the day. All prices include our PA system and lighting.

What equipment do you provide on the day? How long does it take to set up?

We supply a very high quality PA and lighting system, which are both run by an experienced engineer. We are flexible with setup times, but require a minimum of 60-90 minutes before we start playing. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

What is your required performance area?

Ideally we would require an area of approx. 6m wide by 4m deep, although this will depend on the line-up you choose, so please check with us before booking.

Will you learn requests, eg. our first dance song?

If you want a specific song for your first dance, then let us know the track name and artist. We would usually play the original song from our iPod for you. If suitable we could learn and play an acoustic version of the song for you (extra fees will apply) or you can choose a song from our repertoire (you can find our song list in the Music section). Here you can also see some popular first dances that we would happily play as a full band or acoustically.

Can we choose the songs for your live sets?

We can tailor the set-list to perfectly suit you and your guests. By all means give us a few preferences and favourite songs from our current repertoire list, and we will include as many as we can. We do not offer the free choice of picking all songs and arranging entire set lists due to the quite specific way in which we create our medleys and mash-ups. These are designed by us to ensure constant energy with as few stops as possible, much like a DJ set, and so it’s very difficult to choose the set list song by song. What we ask for you to do is select your top few favourites, which we will then make sure are included.

If you’re not sure, then don’t worry! We have many years of experience and will judge what the dancefloor is responding to on the night.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance. All our equipment is PAT tested and checked on a regular basis.

How can I see / hear you?

Please see the video on the website to see our promo video and hear an example of some music. Most of our gigs are for private functions, corporate events etc, but from time to time we may play a public gig. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

I want to book you / find out more, what do I do next?

Please get in touch with us via the contact form and we can discuss your requirements and send you a booking form. Alternatively you can call us on 07971 907880, or email

Please note that any booking whether confirmed electronically or in writing will be subject to a legally binding contract carrying the following non-negotiable terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

Booking contracts are negotiated by ‘The 88s’ and the ‘client’.

2. Confirming the booking


i) ‘Confirmation’ will mean any electronic or written acceptance of this booking by the ‘client’.

ii) All bookings take effect immediately upon ‘confirmation’. Upon ‘confirmation’ of the booking, ‘The 88s’ will issue a copy of the booking contract to the ‘client’, which must be signed and returned within 14 days of receipt. ‘The 88s’ will store the signed contract (copies available on request) If any term of this Contract is held by any court to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of its terms shall still remain in force.

3. Changes to the contract

The agreed booking fees may be subject to change (in agreement with both the ‘client’ and ‘The 88s’) if any details on the contract are altered. All changes to the contract must be arranged & agreed by ‘The 88s’ in advance of the event.

4. Payment of fees

The agreed booking deposit is payable on receipt of invoice and strictly within 14 working days. The deposit can be paid by BACS transfer or cheque. Full payment details are available on the invoice. This first payment is non refundable except in those circumstances covered by ‘force majeure’ (see clause 13.)

If you have not paid, or have made no attempt to pay the 1st payment within 14 days of the Booking, ‘The 88s’ reserve the right to no longer hold the date requested by the ‘client’.

5. Cancellations

Cancellation by the ‘client’:

Cancellation by the ‘client’ is not allowed for any reason except circumstances covered by ‘force majeure’ (see clause 13.) In the event that the ‘client’ cancels the booking, the ‘client’ agrees to inform ‘The 88s’ immediately.

i) Cancellation by the ‘client’ more than 90 days from the event will result in loss of deposit and 50% of the remaining balance will be payable by the ‘client’ within 14 days.

ii) Cancellation by the ‘client’ between 90 days and up to 61 days of the event will result in loss of deposit and 75% of the remaining balance will be payable by the ‘client’ within 14 days.

iii) Cancellation by the ‘client’ within 60 days of the event will result in loss of deposit and 100% of the remaining balance will be payable by the ‘client’ within 14 days.

Cancellation by ’The 88s’:

Cancellation by the ‘The 88s’ is not allowed for any reason except circumstances covered by ‘force majeure’ (see clause 13.) In the unlikely event that ‘The 88s’ need to cancel the booking, ‘The 88s’ will inform the ‘client’ of the cancellation and make all reasonable attempts to find a suitable replacement band of similar standard and style, at no extra cost to the ‘client’. Should a suitable replacement not be found, ‘The 88s’ agree to refund the ‘client’ their deposit plus any other booking fees already paid in advance.

There will be no refund given to the ‘client’ against the booking deposit already paid, if a replacement artist of similar value can be arranged by ‘The 88s’ and agreed by the ‘client’. However, should a replacement artist charge a much lower fee, the ‘client’ will be refunded a proportionate amount of their booking deposit and the replacement band will be due their usual fee.

If a replacement band is required last minute and the ‘client’ is not happy to accept the replacement artist, they must not allow the replacement artist to perform. If the replacement artist is allowed to perform, their full fee will be due.

6. Changes on the day

Where possible, changes to the agreed schedule, which are unavoidable on the day of the event should first be discussed and agreed with ‘The 88s’.

Any changes will be subject to these terms and conditions.

If changes negotiated between the ‘client’ and ‘The 88s’ on the day of the event, are agreed to incur additional costs to the ‘client’, ‘The 88s’ accept full responsibility for arranging the collection of additional fees.

7. Rider

The Contract is subject to you providing a hot meal and unlimited soft drinks including bottled water for ‘The 88s’ on the day of the event.

8. Expenses

‘The 88s’ will agree any expenses with the ‘client’ in advance of the event. Any additional expenses incurred on the day of the event, will be agreed between the ‘client’ and ‘The 88s’.

‘The 88s’ will provide receipts and an invoice to the ‘client’ within 14 days after the event. The ‘client’ must reimburse all expenses to the ‘The 88s’ within 14 days of invoice.

9. Standard artist requirements:

Power: It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that a safe source of power is provided for ‘The 88s’, and that all local authority regulations are adhered to. For further information regarding power requirements please contact

Venue constraints:

It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that the performance venue will provide a safe performance area, and to ensure that the venue is happy to accommodate the performance of such live music, including any live music licenses. Other considerations, such as noise limitations, should be mutually agreed between ‘The 88s’ and the ‘client’ prior to booking. Any relevant information should be disclosed to ‘The 88s’ prior to booking confirmation.

Performance Area:

It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that a suitable performance area is provided. From the point of view of the performance and the overall look, this should ideally be a raised stage to distinguish the staging area from the dancing/seating area. However ‘The 88s’ can perform without raised staging if necessary. Performance space requirements will be detailed on the booking contract.

Dressing Room:

It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure suitable dressing room facilities are available. This must not be a toilet.

Load In:

It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure the venue is appropriate for the setting up and loading of equipment. Parking must available within 50 metres of the performance area for unloading purposes.

Free Parking:

It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that parking must also be available for the duration of the event otherwise the ‘client’ will be liable for any parking charges. ‘The 88s’ will inform the ‘client’ of the number of vehicles in advance of the event.


It is the responsibility of the ‘client’ to provide adequate supervision and/or security at all times. In the event of unruly or threatening behaviour from any person, ‘The 88s’ are entitled to cease the performance but you will still be liable for the fee in full.

10. Early set-ups / late finishes

For evening events (performances scheduled to begin at 7.30pm or later) ‘The 88s’ will arrive at the venue 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, or at any time requested by the client, provided this is no earlier than 6pm. ‘The 88s’ will take up to 90 minutes to prepare for the performance and this time will be used to set up equipment, sound check (if necessary) and change into performance outfits. If the ‘The 88s’ are required to arrive at the venue earlier than 6pm, possibly due to venue limitations or logistical issues, this may be negotiated and extra fees may apply.

For all other events (scheduled to begin prior to 7.30pm) ‘The 88s’ will arrive on-site up to 90 minutes before the scheduled start time. This time will be used to set up equipment, sound check (if necessary) and change into performance outfits. If ‘The 88s’ are required to arrive at the venue earlier than 90 minutes prior to the start of their performance, possibly due to venue limitations or logistical issues, this may be negotiated and extra fees may apply.

For evening events (performances scheduled to being at 7.30pm or later) ‘The 88s’ must finish their performance by midnight. Later finishes may be negotiated and agreed on the booking form. Extra fees may apply.

11. Performers

If one or more of ‘The 88s’ standard group of performers should be unable to perform due to prior commitments or illness, ‘The 88s’ will provide another performer. ‘The 88s’ agree that any replacement performer used will be of the same standard and professional competence as the performer who is to be replaced, and that they will have a good knowledge of the repertoire, and will represent the band to the same high standard. There will be no reduction in ‘The 88s’ fee if a replacement performer is used.

12. Equipment

The equipment and instruments of ‘The 88s’ are not available for use by other performers or persons except by specific permission of ‘The 88s’.

13. Force Majeure

In cases of ‘Force Majeure’ (which shall be known as war, fire, death, illness or other capacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy, act of God), which are not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by ‘The 88s’ or ‘client’, then the ‘The 88s’ or ‘client’ may cancel this booking without penalty other than loss of deposit.

14. Complaints

In the event you have any complaints and as a condition precedent to any compensation claim, the issue must be put in writing and forwarded to ‘The 88s’ within 48hours of the event taking place.